Thursday 23rd September, 2021
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Introducing our API

At FitQuest we're keen to ensure the data we provide can be used in the best possible way to support the member experience in...
The Science of Fitness Measurement

The Science of Fitness Measurement

We were asked recently, “What is a medical device company doing wasting its time with the fitness industry?”.  The question is easy to answer,...
Fitness and Wellness Travel Trends

Fitness and Wellness Travel Trends

According to recent research from Cornell University Centre for Hospitality Research, 46% of hotel guests say they plan on using the hotel gym. In...
Benefits of resistance training

Hard to Resist!

The second feature in our training methods blog series, following Give HIIT a try,  is all about resistance training and its place within an...
Stay active this summer

7 Tips to Staying Active This Summer

As the summer holidays approach, it becomes harder to stay focused on your fitness goals, stick to your routine and resist the temptations on...
FitQuest and ArCTIC team up for a holistic view of health

FitQuest and ArCTIC team up to provide a holistic view of health

ArCTIC, a sports and injury prevention clinic, has been able to successfully help clients recover, train and reach peak athletic performance with the help...
Here's to a summer of sport'

Here’s to a Summer of Sport

With a summer of professional sport kicking off this month including sailing at the America’s cup, golf at the US Open, the British and...
Unusual fitness trends taking the world by storm

Around the World in 6 Fitness Ways

With new machines being installed around the world from FitQuest including Poland, Brazil, Egypt and the UK, we’ve taken a look at some of...
the gym east croydon

Pilot programme with the Gym Group

We are currently working in partnership with The Gym Group to support their members to track and achieve their goals. The pilot programme is...
HIIT Training

Give HIIT a try!

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been one of the top trends in fitness since 2014. So, what is it, and does it work? What...


Understanding and interpreting results

FitQuest offers a comprehensive fitness test and full body composition analysis to support health and fitness operators, corporate wellness programmes and research facilities, to...
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