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Touchstone’s member model focuses on using a number of data driven systems to ensure their programmes are tailored to the individual and their goals....
FitQuest and ArCTIC team up for a holistic view of health

FitQuest and ArCTIC team up to provide a holistic view of health

ArCTIC, a sports and injury prevention clinic, has been able to successfully help clients recover, train and reach peak athletic performance with the help...
FitQuest partners campo bahia to enhance luxury sport training camp experience

Enhancing Luxury Sport Training Camps

Campo Bahia, a luxury sports and nature resort in Brazil has recently completed the installation of a new FitQuest machine as part of their...
FitQuest UBS at NCSEM

FitQuest’s new UBS model at NCSEM

July included a significant installation of the UBS machine from FIBO into the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) at Loughborough University....
Blankenburg Distributions

FitQuest have partnered with Blankenburg Distributions

FitQuest would like to announce a partnership with a new exclusive distributor in Germany and Austria, Blankenburg Distributions. We are looking forward to working...
UK fitness facilities open their doors

Stay safe, stay healthy and get back in the gym!

Over the weekend 100's of leisure facilities across England reopened their doors to welcome their members back in a clean and safe environment. It's...
FitQuest supports Evolution Wellness low cost gym - GOFIT

Evolution Wellness and the low cost market in Asia

FitQuest are pleased to support Evolution Wellness, one of Asia’s leading health club operators, whose portfolio of brands also includes Celebrity Fitness and Fitness...
FitQuest and TOP-GYM sign an exclusive distribution agreement in Poland

Exclusive agreement with TOP-GYM

TOP-GYM, one of the leading distributors of professional fitness equipment in Poland, has signed an exclusive agreement with FitQuest, industry leaders in...
Accurate fitness measurements that are quick and simple

MIE – Measurement is Evidence

Measurement plays an important role in motivation and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of training.Although ‘weight loss’ is one of the leading motivators for...
FitQuest is working with Aspara and Action Sports to bring fitness measurement to their members

Bringing FitQuest to France

Aspara, a leading distributor of professional EMS equipment in France, has signed an agreement with FitQuest, industry leaders in human performance monitoring,...


Understanding and interpreting results

FitQuest offers a comprehensive fitness test and full body composition analysis to support health and fitness operators, corporate wellness programmes and research facilities, to...
FitQuest; bringing unrivalled fitness measurement to support people on their health and fitness journeys to achieve their goals

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