Stay active this summer
Stay active this summer

As the summer holidays approach, it becomes harder to stay focused on your fitness goals, stick to your routine and resist the temptations on offer wherever you are. Here are our top tips to help you stay on track to achieve your goals this summer!

Plan an active holiday

Whether you’re going somewhere near home or travelling further afield, there are plenty of options available for active holidays – from walking, hiking and cycling holidays, to yoga retreats and water sports. Pick an option that includes activities you enjoy doing or something new you’d like to try and make the most of the opportunities to take part while you unwind from the stresses of everyday life!

Stay active with friends

Working out with your friends not only creates the opportunity to catch up and socialise but also helps you to stay motivated, work harder and prevents you making excuses not to fit your work outs in. Whether you embrace the great outdoors and go for a sightseeing walk or hike, visit your nearest gym or studio for a class or book a court for a game of squash or badminton, whatever you choose, working out with friends is the new going out!

Try something new

Why not try something completely different this summer? Is there something you fancied having a go at but haven’t found the time? Learn to dance, take up a new sport, try something adventurous – make this summer one to remember with some new experiences and new skills too!

Explore the sights on foot
Explore the sights on foot


Whether you’re having a ‘staycation’ or on your travels, jump on a bike or explore the sights on foot to keep you on the move and take in a new or old vista! Enjoy the sights and embrace your inner tourist!

Track your progress

Whatever your goal, it’s important to understand how you’re progressing towards it. By measuring your progress, you’ll know how much closer to your goal you are and it will make those longer-term goals feel more achievable. It will help you persevere even when there are plenty of distractions, so whether your goal is weight loss or gain, completing an event, improving your cardiovascular fitness, increasing your strength or improving your health, monitoring your progress is key.

Measure your progress
Try a fitness festival

With a new generation of wellness festivals out there, there are plenty of options so you can embrace the festival spirit without straying too far from your fitness goals. Think yoga with a live DJ set, fresh juices after scaling a cliff, or a dose of fitness surrounded by nature. With options across the UK and overseas there’s something for everyone. Check out some of the following options to find something near you

Book an event

Booking into an event or a new challenge will help encourage you to find the time to be active! Whether you’re taking up a new challenge in your local gym, tackling an outdoor obstacle course race or entering your first half marathon, having something to strive towards will help make those workouts happen and encourage you to stay on track with your training!

Whatever your plans this summer, ‘staycation’ or vacation, rain or shine, enjoy the season, good luck with you goals and let us know what helps keep you active!