Fitness and Wellness Travel Trends

According to recent research from Cornell University Centre for Hospitality Research, 46% of hotel guests say they plan on using the hotel gym. In reality, only 22% act on this intention. With a huge proportion of travellers who feel their healthy lifestyle needs are not being satisfied and they are unable to maintain their usual routine when travelling for business or leisure, the need for hoteliers to engage with the fitness and wellness concept has become higher priority in order to stay competitive and relevant in current markets.

For the hotels, the fitness studio and gym spaces are still a key element, particularly for business travellers. As such there has been an increased focus on providing innovative solutions with high end equipment in both the main gym and studio spaces and a focus on enabling regular travellers to maintain their routine, wherever they are. Our new partner, Campo Bahia in Santo Andre, Brazil is keen to ensure travellers are able to monitor their progress and ensure they maintain and improve their fitness levels, even when on the move – hence their partnership with FitQuest.

As a result of the increased interest in fitness and wellness from guests, the hospitality industry has taken note and as well as developing their gyms and communal workout spaces, a new trend is emerging – ‘in-room’ fitness. The Hilton has created a new in-room concept called ‘Five Feet to Fitness’ with careful design incorporating functional fitness training spaces with high tech equipment, and a digital fitness kiosk providing equipment tutorials and workouts to follow.

Hilton hotels aren’t alone in their offering to fitness minded visitors. Even Hotels, part of the InterContinental Hotel Group, has focused their brand development around fitness and wellness with training zones within their guest rooms, fitness videos for in room workouts and standing desks. Westin are another brand keeping fitness enthusiasts happy by renting out fitness gear and providing maps for guests to take a run and explore the area. They can also provide a run concierge to support guests, as part of RunWestin, on their run routes and provide indoor cycling equipment through Peloton and classes, both virtual and live.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, provide Gaiam yoga mats in every room and on demand TV programming with a free ‘roll-out service’ in which flavoured water and fresh or dried snacks are brought to the room, with the mat and fitness channel set up by a member of staff.

TRYP also provide Fitness Rooms with workout gear and high-end equipment and more recently Equinox has entered the market with plans to open their first luxury hotel in 2018, and 75 more hotels around the world all focused on fitness as a key element of their hospitality offering. Soul Cycle has also taken an interest with plans to develop a hotel in Miami Beach with a cycle studio and apparel boutique. The hospitality space is an exciting area of development for the health and wellness industry and we look forward to providing further support as the industry continues to innovate and grow.

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