quantified self dashboard

There’s a new trend in the fitness world being driven by the development of apps and wearable devices which enable users to understand so much more about themselves – the quantified self. As a part of this, data is king and this presents an opportunity for you as operators to support your members to better interpret the data they can access and understand how to use it to help them achieve their goals.

Whilst your members can access information through a huge range of different brands, there is little interaction with this data within facilities. However, there are a number of brands that enable operators to use data to support their members as a part of their assessment, during their workouts and to track their progress – this includes using heart rate monitors during workouts such as myzone or orange theory, measuring body composition such as Inbody or Boditrax or assessing fitness levels using FitQuest as part of the member process like Quest Vitality, ArCTIC or CityFit. This additional insight can help your members to ensure their workouts are effective and keep them on track to achieving their goals, in turn this will encourage them to continue to attend your facilities and improve your member retention whilst providing you with additional tools to help you stand out from the competition and engage more effectively with your members.

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