BM Fitness distributing FitQuest in Norway
BM Fitness distributing FitQuest in Norway

BM Fitness has signed a long-term agreement with FitQuest, industry leaders in human performance monitoring, to exclusively distribute the FitQuest machine in Norway. The FitQuest machine is a state of the art concept in fitness measurement bringing full bio-mechanical lab technology to the gym, providing data-driven digital solutions for gym operators, personal trainers and gym goers in a rapidly changing fitness world.

FitQuest was looking for a partner who understands the fitness industry. With a track record of importing, selling and delivering training equipment from the world’s top suppliers since 2003, BM Fitness was the perfect choice.

“The FitQuest machine is a stand-out product in its field. We see a real place for them in the facilities we work with in partnership, as well as the centres we operate. Norwegian gym owners will see the benefits of interacting with their members in a new and inventive way,” says Øyvind Lund Børresen, General Manager, BM Fitness. “There is real potential for the machines in gyms, corporate wellness programs and governmental functions such as police, armed forces and schools.”

“FitQuest offers precise and detailed measurement, combined with an easy to use, engaging interface. Such high-level sophisticated fitness measurement was previously only available to top athletes in sports-labs,” continues Lund Børresen. “This machine has great potential for member engagement, and I am certain it will make waves in the industry. The team at FitQuest have a passion for their product that matches the energy we want to create in BM Fitness.”

“We believe that BM Fitness – with fourteen years’ of market experience and extensive sales operation – is the perfect partner to take FitQuest to the Norwegian market,” says Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. “BM Fitness is embracing the challenge to help leisure centres, schools and health clubs get more people active, and they recognise that state of the art technology like ours can play a key role in this.”

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