FitQuest supports Evolution Wellness low cost gym - GOFIT

FitQuest are pleased to support Evolution Wellness, one of Asia’s leading health club operators, whose portfolio of brands also includes Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First, in the launch of their new low-cost gym concept GOFIT. The first facility launched in Malaysia this November, aiming to provide a bold and invigorating, no frills gym experience to the Asian fitness market.

FitQuest testing features as a key member benefitThe clubs will offer members quality fitness facilities with the opportunity to access various membership options which include unlimited use of FitQuest testing as a key part of their premium services, as well as access to guest passes, virtual classes and private training studios.

‘There is a great opportunity within the Asian fitness market to offer a low-cost, high quality fitness experience that can help support a greater number of people to achieve an active lifestyle,’ Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. ‘We’re excited to support Evolution Wellness with their low-cost gym concept, GoFit, and provide their members with the ability to track and monitor their progress with regular fitness assessments and body composition analysis. We have a great deal of experience working with the budget gym sector across Europe and understand how valuable tools such as FitQuest can be in supporting their members to achieve their goals and provide a premium offering to members.’

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