GO fit Spain Chooses FitQuest for Innovative New Project

GO Fit Teams up with FitQuest


We’re excited to announce an exciting new pilot project with private Club Operator GO fit in Spain. The pilot project focuses on delivering an exercise prescription programme tailored to gym members, based on an evaluation of their physical capacity.

GO fit currently operates 15 clubs in Spain and Portugal, with two further clubs under development and has over 175,000 people using the facilities.

Fitness measurement to support members
GO Fit using FitQuest biometric data to support their members

The appointment comes as GO fit are looking to offer their members the highest level of sports science support. As part of the pilot, FitQuest will be gathering physical capacity and other biometric data to help members to improve their health and well-being at their clubs. The unique testing that FitQuest provides can support operators’ goals by offering tailored exercise programming for gym goers, based on a breadth of data on their physical fitness.

Professor Alfonso Jimenez and his team, from the Centre for Applied Biological & Exercise Sciences at Coventry University, are developing new guidelines and protocols for the GO fit members in the innovative GO fit LAB (a unique Research Unit developed in partnership with Coventry University) and he comments, “We are delighted to be partnering with FitQuest to build up this physical capacity database, as we believe that evidence of health and fitness improvements is a core part of the GO fit offer moving forwards. FitQuest is ideal to measure a person’s physical capacity over 8 parameters and in just 4 minutes. We believe in science and data and we are looking for suitable partners like FitQuest to deliver this new model of service.”

“GO fit are setting the standard for the future of the government funded sector and the approach they are taking with this project is directly aligned to the DNA of FitQuest.” says Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. “We, as a medical device company, strongly believe we are about to enter a new era of evidence-based exercise programmes to tackle health and fitness issues. Funding for such initiatives will require solid data and evidence of improvements. This is why we designed FitQuest, and GO fit is the ideal partner to demonstrate this with.”

GO fit is the leading fitness operator in Spain and Portugal having reached 175,000 members with 15 operating facilities and two more under construction to be opened in the next coming months.