FitQuest partners with Gympac for exclusive Indian distribution
FitQuest partners with Gympac for exclusive Indian distribution

Gympac, reputed gym equipment supplier in India, has signed a long-term agreement with FitQuest, industry leaders in human performance monitoring, to exclusively distribute the FitQuest machine throughout the country. The FitQuest machine is a state of the art concept in fitness measurement, bringing full bio-mechanical lab technology to the gym, providing data-driven digital solutions for gym operators, personal trainers and gym goers in a rapidly changing fitness world.

FitQuest was looking for a partner who understands the fitness industry in India. The global fitness industry is developing rapidly and FitQuest believe there is great opportunity to help develop the Indian market to ensure they aren’t left behind, and as the sole authorised partner for India selling LifeFitness and Hammer strength products, Gympac are in a great position to lead this change.

“The FitQuest machine is a stand-out product in its field and we see a real place for it in the facilities we work with, as well as the centres in which we operate. Our partners are always looking for a complete solution, wanting the latest developments in everything from flooring to body composition analysis machines. We are keen to provide them with products to enhance these services and believe there is a real potential for the FitQuest machines to meet these demands.” Says Mohan Gupta, Chairperson at Gympac.

“FitQuest offers precise and detailed measurements rooted in science, combined with an easy to use, engaging interface – which is extremely important for our partners. Most gym members in India are preoccupied with weight loss, but fitness is so much more than that and FitQuest provides a way to quantify and provide a better way to measure progress. Members can track their developments and see huge improvements week on week that perhaps are not so evident just through the weighing scales. We are certain this product will make waves in the industry, transforming the way members view fitness.”

“We believe that Gympac is the perfect partner to take FitQuest to the Indian market,” says Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. “Gympac have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supplying industry leading products to well-known brands throughout their market. We believe they will embrace the challenge of helping leisure centres, schools and health clubs to encourage members to look beyond the scales, monitoring their physical performance over time and we are excited that our product will be able to play a key role in this.”

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