FitQuest introduces innovative new body composition technology
FitQuest introduces innovative new body composition technology in partnership with The Gym Group.

We’re excited to announce our upcoming launch of a brand-new version of the FitQuest machines, now with state-of-the-art body composition analysis. The new machines, which, for 2017, are being exclusively installed in 40 Gym Group locations across London, are the first of their kind to be fitted with the MiE FitQuest Body Composition Analyser which uses industry standard techniques to determine body composition.

Using small, varying electrical currents, the machines can determine body fat and muscle percentage as well as a user’s hydration levels. In addition to the unique FitQuest score which measures fitness against average gender and age groups, the new machines will provide a more complete assessment for users now with both a fitness and body composition analysis.

Fitness testing and body composition analysis
Fitness testing and body composition analysis

“Our new machines are able to give people much greater insight into their health,” said Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. “Our FitQuest machines were always designed to give gym users the ability to quickly assess their general fitness. Now, with the addition of the MiE FitQuest Body Composition Analyser, people will have even greater access to data that could help them make real improvements in their overall health and wellbeing. Capitalising on the growing popularity of fitness tracking in London-based gyms, we’re proud to be working with The Gym Group to offer this innovative, new FitQuest experience to their members.”

“The FitQuest machine is a stand-out product in the field of fitness measurement,” said John Treharne, The Gym Group CEO. “With an engaging and easy-to-use interface, combined with the comprehensive body composition analysis, the machines provide sophisticated fitness measurements for our members. The new FitQuest machines will support our premium membership offering and help us give members the tools and information they need to find their fit”

The installation with The Gym Group follows a successful pilot programme earlier this year. The machines will be available to members of The Gym Group in Q4 this year.

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