Fitness measurement and body composition analysis

FitQuest offers a comprehensive fitness test and full body composition analysis to support health and fitness operators, corporate wellness programmes and research facilities, to provide an insight into a user’s fitness and health. Our machines provide an easy to use interface to ensure tests can be completed independently or with a trainer, which provides immediate feedback and insight to help users understand where they are now and track their progress towards their goals. An important part of the process is helping users to understand their results so they can progress towards their goals with confidence.

What do we measure and what do the results mean?

FitQuest uses 5 fitness tests to measure 8 components of fitness in line with ACSM standards in just 4 minutes. These include cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength and endurance, speed ability, motor sensory control and lower body explosive power.

We also measure body composition, providing information about body mass index, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage and mass, muscle percentage and mass, and total body water.

With a wealth of information, it can sometimes be difficult to fully understand what all the measurements mean. To make it easier for all FitQuest users, they receive an email with all of their results and can access further information by logging into our portal (or a member’s portal on an operators website), which provides insights into their measurements and displays how they are progressing between each test. They can also access additional information on our FAQ’s page which provides a deeper level of insight into each test and each result displayed helping to make sure every user fully understands their measurements and can track their progress with ease.

To find out more about how FitQuest works and how we support our partners to engage effectively with their members and teams, get in touch!