BBC Programme, Lose weight and get fit with Tom Kerridge

FitQuest partner Hartpury college was the location for the recent BBC TV series Lose Weight and Get Fit with Tom Kerridge. The six-part series, involved 11 volunteers alongside Tom Kerridge, the celebrity chef, to take part in a weight loss and fitness challenge. The participants ranged from those in the 20’s to their 60’s who were all looking to lose weight and improve their health with some participants having additional health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.

In the first episode, the group met Tom and their support team at Hartpury’s new £8.8 million Sports Academy to begin their journey to improved health and fitness. As part of the programme, each participant completed a body composition analysis and full fitness test using FitQuest BIA in the Human Performance Laboratory – one of the state-of-the-art facilities within the Sports Academy.

Tom Kerridge explained: “This isn’t about fitness fads or crash diets. I want to see what we can achieve by simply following doctor’s orders and sticking to it for a couple of months. I’m hoping to prove that a pain-free lifestyle change will do the trick!”

Throughout the series, all the volunteers participated in regular exercise, as recommended by their personal trainer Adam Peacock, and were taught how to cook and eat more healthily.

At the end of the 2 month programme, in the final episode of the six part series, each participant performed follow up tests in both fitness and body composition to demonstrate what impact the change in lifestyle had achieved in terms of their health and fitness. Did controlling their calories deliver the weight loss they hoped for? And are they measurably fitter having followed the NHS’s exercise recommendations? All the participants set themselves personal goals and the final episode provided them with an opportunity to see just how much they had all achieved as well as setting goals for the future.

Catch up on the whole series on BBC iPlayer for great tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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